Emma Rice: 'Adapting a cinema into a theatre for Brief Encounter is madness'

The Kneehigh production of the classic film comes to the West End

As the show prepares to open in the West End, we were given an early look at one of the songs from Brief Encounter, Kneehigh's Olivier and Tony Award-nominated production which is revived ten years after it first debuted at the Birmingham Rep in 2008.

Directed and adapted by Emma Rice, the show is based on Noël Coward's classic 1945 film of the same name (as well as Coward's one-act play, Still Life, that film was inspired by), about a romantic affair in the 1930s.

The show runs at the Empire cinema on Haymarket Street in the West End, which has been adapted into a stage space for the production.

We sat down with Rice, and listened to a special rendition of one of the tunes from the show, which will be performed live onstage.

Brief Encounter runs at Empire Cinema, Haymarket until 2 September.