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David Hunter and Caroline Kay release new online musical created during lockdown without meeting face-to-face

The pair have never actually met in person

David Hunter and Caroline Kay
David Hunter and Caroline Kay
Waitress star David Hunter and singer-songwriter Caroline Kay have created a brand new musical in lockdown – without ever meeting in person.

Composed, created and filmed in isolation, the show, called The Space Between, has been released in full online to raise funds for the Theatre Artists Fund, the emergency fund for theatre workers in need of urgent support – spearheaded by the likes of Sam Mendes and Netflix.

Hunter said: "I've always wanted to write a musical, and I reached out to Caroline with the beginnings of an idea for a Lockdown creation…We started on the 14th of May and basically had everything written in three weeks. Then began the planning, filming, mixing and editing – which took much longer than the writing."

Kay said: "Lockdown has affected all relationships in different ways and we wanted to explore what these effects might look like for one fictional couple… We communicated solely over Whatsapp and I think we did a great job of expressing our thoughts and opinions – which can be a hard thing to do in any collaboration, but particularly one so new that neither of you have even met!"

The video is arranged with musical supervision by Nick Barstow, cello by Imogen Halsey and mixing and mastering by Joe Davison of Auburn Jam Music.

You can watch the entire musical here: