Ben Platt releases new stagey short film "Theater Camp"

The short film imagines what life is like in a drama school

Ben Platt, Molly Gordon and Noah Galvin
Ben Platt, Molly Gordon and Noah Galvin
Lockdown might be an awful time for many, but Tony Award-winner Ben Platt has been working hard to keep spirits up with help from co-creatives Noah Galvin, Molly Gordon and Nick Lieberman.

Galvin and Platt have both played the role of Evan Hansen in the hit Broadway and West End musical Dear Evan Hansen, and join forces in this new short film parodying the eccentricities of drama school teachers, choreographers and vocal coaches.

The piece, entitled "Theater Camp", is co-written by Platt, Galvin, Gordon and Lieberman, with Platt and Gordon growing up together and Gordon appearing alongside Platt's good friend and future co-star Beanie Feldstein.

You can watch the full 18-minute short film below: