5 minutes with Lydia Wilson: 'I filmed my Black Mirror scenes on a flip phone'

Lydia chats to us about working on Charlie Brooker’s award-winning series, and appearing in the final production at pop-up venue Found 111, ”Fool for Love”

Lydia Wilson in Fool for Love
Lydia Wilson in Fool for Love
© Marc Brenner

My first job was with the amazing Howard Davies who sadly passed away last week. It was The House of Special Purpose at Chichester Festival Theatre. He was a really lovely director to work for – an amazing man. I’ve been lucky to have amazing experiences with people like Declan Donnellan, too. They taught me that everything isn’t just about acting; they taught me about the wider world of human physics.

When I appeared in the first ever episode of Black Mirror, all my scenes were filmed on a flip phone. We were shooting a hostage scene [Wilson plays a kidnapped princess] and this was before we had high quality iPhone cameras. I haven’t managed to catch any of the new episodes yet but my friend Madeline Brewer is in one of the episodes so I’ll have to catch that one soon.

Fool for Love is quite an American play. I play May who lives in a motel and is trying to make things as nice as she can. She's trying to make a life for herself with very little means, and then a personal drama that she's trying to run away from turns up at her door. That drama is Eddie, who's played by Adam Rothenberg, and working with him has been great.

I saw Unfaithful at FOUND111 while we were in rehearsals and I thought it was wonderful. It's a play about modern relationships and modern problems. It was really thrilling to see those actors close up. The space here is amazing. Everyone should come just to see the bar! I used to come here with my mates during drama school. There's no windows and it feels like it's in a prohibition era.

If I could only play one more character, it would be something from the mind of Joni Mitchell. I think Blue is the perfect, perfect perfect album. The character she'd come up with for me would probably be a boy from the other side of the world.

Fool for Love runs at Found111 until 17 December.