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Rupert Hill chats about The Full Monty

Rupert Hill has is an actor, known on TV and for his stage work. Versatility is his middle name as he is in a band and is also a saviour for the great British pub (he runs several). He is about to tour the UK in the hit play ''The Full Monty.''

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What persuaded you to be in The Full Monty?

Rupert Hill

The money…no, seriously, as Michael Simpkins says "if it ticks two out of the three boxes then it's worth doing" – good script, good part and good director. The Full Monty actually ticks all three boxes so it was an easy decision for me.

The piece is famous for the big reveal. Are you feeling nervous?

I'm a little nervous – pardon the pun – but I've had time to get used to the idea and get my head around stripping in front of thousands of people around the country!

Were you a fan of the movie version?

Absolutely – it's a classic, iconic film. I love it.

Why do you think the show failed to get London audiences the same it has in the regions?

Who knows? I'm reluctant to say ‘London snobbery' or ‘North South divide' or any other such rubbish. Maybe it's not a huge tourist draw but, ultimately, I really have no idea. That all happened before I was involved with the production. I'm just really pleased that the tour is selling well.

If anyone is a fan of the film, what similarities/differences are there?

The play obviously follows the same story as the film but Simon Beaufoy has been able to flesh the characters a little more, particularly for me playing Guy. The finale also works brilliantly in the theatre – Simon says that when he first saw the play with an audience it seemed so obvious that it should have been on stage all along.

What are you looking forward to the most about the tour?

I love exploring new towns, visiting great pubs after the show and stuff like that. I'm also looking forward to seeing how different places react differently to the play – it's really exciting.

The Full Monty tour opens at the Manchester Opera House from 11 - 20 September and the full tour dates are here.