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What's in my dressing room? - Gerard McCarthy

McCarthy currently stars as David Holthouse in Stalking the Bogeyman

Gerard McCarthy

Gerard McCarthy (Hollyoaks, The Fall) is currently starring in Stalking the Bogeyman at the Southwark Playhouse. The story tells of McCarthy's character David Holthouse, who seeks revenge on the "Bogeyman" that sexually assaulted him when he was a child.

Gerard took some time out to show us around his dressing room.

The cuddly toy

GM: "ET is my favourite movie of all time. When I started working on Stalking the Bogeyman, I watched it again and began to listen to John William's incredible soundtrack in rehearsals…. to me it's the ultimate film about childhood friendship. I found it really useful to listen to the music when we were working on the scenes when David is 7 and thought that The Bogeyman was his best friend."

The drinks

GM: "Lots of actors get sent bottles of champagne on their opening night…. one of my best friends hand delivered this to the theatre for me: a tin of Mojito. She knows me well!"

The mug

GM: "This is my cup. It has a G on it. Some might argue that the G stands for Glynis [Barber, co-star] and belongs to her…. but I spotted it and nabbed it. It's mine now. Ms Barber can buy another!"

The script

GM: "Here's my script. It's an incomprehensible gathering of scribbles, notes, drawings, thoughts and questions. I've got every script of every project I've ever worked on…. this is one of the most special ones."

The tunes

GM: "This is my portable speaker. The idea was to bring it so we could listen to music in the dressing room…. but the incredible cast of Through The Mill are sharing Southwark Playhouse with us so we just listen to them instead in the next dressing room. They're the most incredibly talented bunch of actor-musicians and the Judy Garlands sound INCREDIBLE!"

The (adorable) dog

GM: And this is my dog Sam. He's been with me all through rehearsals and at home whilst I'm learning lines. He's not allowed in the theatre while the show's on but if I'm sick he'd probably be able to play David."

Gerard McCarthy stars in Stalking the Bogeyman at the Southwark Playhouse until 6 August