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People likelier to spend more money on cultural events after lockdown than less, YouGov poll finds

The results today suggest people will be happy to attend cultural attractions after lockdown

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A new YouGov poll has shed light on what people might be happy to spend money on after lockdowns have ended and coronavirus is less of a threat.

According to the results, 19 per cent of individuals will be happy to spend more money on attending events like theatre, gigs and football matches, with 14 per cent expecting they'll spend less on such events. 63 per cent say that the coronavirus will make no difference to their spending habits on such activities.

The results differ by age: almost 30 per cent of young people are happy to spend more on such events in the future, while for those over 65, ten per cent were happy to increase spending. Seventy-three per cent of over-65s say they don't plan to change their spending habits.

It also depends on location – Londoners are much more likely to spend more on events after the coronavirus outbreak subsides – with 26 per cent stating that they will. In the north and in Scotland, this is 19 per cent.

At the same time, the results state that people will be less likely to spend money on watching TV series and films at home after the coronavirus, while 17 per cent intend to spend more money on going to the cinema.

Almost 2000 people were surveyed in the YouGov poll, which also revealed that, out of all the things they could be doing (including seeing friends and family, or spending time outside), four per cent of people were most looking forwards to going to cultural events after the lockdown.

The full report is available here.


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