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My Top 5 Showtunes: Sophia Anne Caruso

The actress tells us the musical numbers she can't live without

Sophia Anne Caruso
© Kenneth B Edwards

Sophia Anne Caruso is currently making her UK theatre debut in David Bowie's Lazarus at the King's Cross Theatre.

Her previous theatre credits include The Nether, Runaways and Blackbird - all in New York.

We caught up with Sophia and asked her: "If you were stranded on a desert island which five showtunes could you not live without?"

1. "Where Do People Go" from Runaways

I love this song for its angst and panic. The energy is high and something about it makes you want to jump out of your seat and start screaming at everyone. It has frustration and trepidation. It is confrontational just like many of the numbers in this show. I did the revival at City Center in New York this past summer and I can say that it is in my top three favourite shows that I have appeared in. It was interesting working with a group of kids; most of them had little to no experience in professional theatre, but I do think that it brought something very real and not showy to it.

Liz Swados (the writer) died in January 2016, so co-starring in this show was in her honour. She had so much to say in this 1970s piece, just like us modern day teens.

2. "Dirty Boys" from Lazarus

If I had to pick an image for this song it would be a perfect piece of silk getting snagged and dirtied in slow motion. On our cast album, Michael Esper sings this song smoothly in some places but it is still so grungy and dirty. Lazarus has been such a beautiful insane ride that I just had to pick one of these for my top five.

3. "Wedding Song" from Hadestown

Hadestown is absolutely one of my favourite musicals. This whole album shows a variety with jazz and folk. Folk is actually my favourite kind of music to sing. I love this song for its dreamy melody, and lyrics that are romantic and have strong imagery. I saw this production at the New York Theater Workshop (where Lazarus first premiered) and if it ever comes to London or anywhere else, I think it is a must see. I would just love to be in this show. I sing the music every day!

4. "Bring the Future Faster" from Rooms

This song is very special. I actually performed this song for David Bowie in my final meeting for Lazarus before getting cast, along with "Fields of Gold" by Sting. That is the main reason I love it; every time I listen to it, it reminds me of that day. It is urgent and has a rock feel.

5. "Angry Inch" from Hedwig and the Angry Inch

This song is raging, I love it! It is wild and weird and glorious. The whole Hedwig album is a good go-to when I'm looking for something to boogie to. Or if I just want to annoy my dad.