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Six theatre buildings added to Theatres Trust Risk Register

Three theatres in England and three in Scotland are at risk

New Victoria, Bradford is one of the theatre buildings on the register
© David Oxtaby

Six theatres have been identified as theatre buildings at risk by the Theatres Trust, and added to their register.

The new additions include Broadway Theatre which is currently under threat from redevelopment for residential use, and King's Theatre in Dundee which is "increasingly deteriorating due to lack of maintenance". The King's Kirkcaldy, which has been dark for 11 years, has had various unfulfilled proposals for redevelopment.

Three theatres re-enter the list. Despite work from the local community, Leith Theatre in Scotland has been added due to lack of funding to secure its future. Secombe and Charles Cryer theatres in Sutton were both removed from the list last year, but re-enter after the operator went into administration casting doubt on their futures.

Muni Arts Centre in Pontypridd, however, is no longer on the list after being able to secure its future thanks to a local consortium of private, public and charitable organisations.

Comedian and Theatres Trust trustee Dara Ó Briain commented: "I have travelled up and down this country and worked in many of the theatres here and you have a unique and rich heritage of theatres that were built in the last 200 years. But we can't take that for granted."

Interim Director of the trust Rebecca Morland said: "Each theatre on the Register has an important place in its community. Our experience shows us that where campaign groups are in place, they can make a real difference to the future of these theatres. "

To view the full register on the Theatres Trust website, click here.