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Musical performers support Beirut Emergency Appeal with Broken Wings video

The special video is raising funds to help during the ongoing crisis

Performers in the Broken Wings video

Musical performers have come together to raise funds for the Beirut Emergency Appeal following the massive explosions and ensuing damage in the city earlier this month.

The company performed a series of numbers from new musical Broken Wings by Nadim Naaman and Dana Al Fardan, with orchestrations by Joe Davison.

Thus far, at least 181 people have lost their lives with 6000 wounded and 300,000 homeless – in the midst of a global pandemic.

Naaman says: "Watching events in Lebanon unfold over the last year has been extremely difficult. The tragedy of August 4th came on top of financial collapse, political malaise and the impact of Covid-19. This time last year, we had just performed Broken Wings in Beirut, and the world was a very different place. It is a musical about Lebanon, about The Lebanese, and we simply had to come together to help in some way."

The video was filmed and recorded at Southwark Playhouse, who donated both their stage and staff to the cause. Videography and post-production have been donated by The Barn Theatre, Cirencester.

Supported by the The Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, the video features a company (in alphabetical order) including Eva-Theresa Chokarian, Joseph Claus, Nadeem Crowe, Melissa Dano, Nikki Davison, Hiba Elchikhe, Soophia Foroughi, Fenton Gray, Rob Houchen, Irvine Iqbal, Hanna Khogali, Adam Linstead, Johan Munir, Nadim Naaman, Benjamin Purkiss, Lauren James Ray, Mia Richards, Jeremy Secomb, Jake Stewart, Aliza Vakil and Bethany Weaver.

Donate to the appeal here