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Dream Casting: Mrs Doubtfire the Musical

Rumours have surfaced that Alan Menken is writing a musical adaptation of the 1993 film. Our features editor Ben Hewis picks his ideal cast

Mrs Doubtfire - Michael Ball

How many of you thought of Michael before opening this article? He can sing, he's funny and he looks great in a frock.

Miranda and Lydia Hillard - Diane Pilkington and Alice Stokoe

Diane and Alice already play mother and daughter in Mamma Mia! and whilst Alice may be a little older than Lydia their chemistry is so great I couldn't think of a better pairing for Miranda and Lydia.

Chris Hillard - Elliott Hanna

Elliott was the chosen lead for the recent Billy Live production and he was superb. They could even throw in a huge tap number for Chris to perform alongside his dad maybe?

Natalie Hillard - Elise Blake

I saw Elise play Matilda at last year's West End Live and she blew me away. Perfect for the part made famous by Mara Wilson (who also played Matilda on screen).

Stu - Julian Ovenden

If you've seen Julian in My Night With Reg, which has just transferred to the West End, you'll know that he has the body for the famous swimming pool scene. To play a character made famous by Pierce Brosnan you need someone who is suave, sexy and sophisticated = Mr Ovenden.

Can you do any better? Let us know who you would pick for your Mrs Doubtfire dream casting below.