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Five Reasons to See... Chris Cox's Fatal Distraction

Chris Cox, the mind reader who can't read minds, is bringing his latest show to the Southbank Centre on 28 June. Here he gives us five reasons to go

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Despite being a mind reader who can't read minds, I'll read your mind.

Strange thing my job title. I'm honest in the fact that I can't read minds. So I'm like all those other mind readers but a little bit more honest. Despite not being able to read your mind throughout the show I will be reading minds, controlling coincidence and generally being awesome. And modest.

You control the show

The great thing about what I do is that my beautiful and may I say sexy audience have control over it. It's up to you as to how the show pans out; you totally control it, you in fact even control me. Last year Jonathan Ross came. There's a whole section in the show where I perform things people are simply thinking of. He was thinking if me sat on his shoulders like a giant baby. So I did. Everyone cheered and he paraded me around stage as if I were king of shoulder sitters.

Other people say so

I mean why take my word for me saying the show is great? Of course I will say that. But other people agree. It's won best show awards, and picked up enough five star reviews to great a new galaxy. So it's worth you coming. Obvs.

It's a mind reading rom com

All the amazing mind reading and magic takes place around a romantic comedy style narrative. It's a true boy meets girl style story full of laughs, love, warmth and emotion. Oh and bloody incredible tricks. If you liked the book One Day or the film (500) Days Of Summer you'll love this.


Have you noticed my surname? Would you like puns based on it. Then my show is the one for you. You even get an I Love Cox badge if you take part.

Chris Cox - Fatal Distraction plays at the Southbank Centre on 28 June 2013 at 9pm


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