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First listen: Public Domain musical – which had its world premiere disrupted by self-isolation

The show was originally meant to have live-streamed its premiere today at Southwark Playhouse

Francesca Forristal

Below you can have a first listen to Francesca Forristal and Jordan Paul Clarke's new musical Public Domain.

The piece was meant to be live-streamed from Southwark Playhouse this weekend, but plans were disrupted when one of the cast members was forced to self-isolate after a potential exposure to coronavirus.

Forristal and Clark said: "We're gutted not to be performing the show as planned this week, but this is a situation theatremakers are facing all across the country right now, and we are definitely going to come back stronger!"

The number below is based on a real-life vlogger's entry and tweets on November 12, 2020. It features Allie Costa, Aislin Evans, Andrea Civera, Alex Lyne, Alex Covell, Alexis McGivern, Chloe Green, Callie Egan, Carmen Law, Dawn Parsonage, Donna Coulling, Eleanor Gardiner, Emma Thrower, Emily Ashbrook, Florence Roberts, Flick Isaac-Chilton, Georgia Davis, Heather Kirk, Holly Lucas, Isaac Forristal Marshall, Jenet Le Lacheur, Jean-Paul Mark Shlom, Jonas Gawe, Jonathan Reid, Joshua Newman, Julia Fu, Kaidyn Hinds, Kara McLean, Kate Cooper, Kelly Damann, Leanne Sedin, Lexi Clare, Lucy Jane Dickson, Mickey Jo Boucher, Neil Bastian, Nora Perone, Peter Parsonage, Ralph Warman and Tim Gilvin.

"These performers volunteered to sing this song before the show was postponed due to Covid. We are so very grateful for their time, talent, and creativity", said Forristal and Clark. It has music production by Auburn Jam, video editing by Matt Powell and production by ALP Musicals.

The show will now play on 15 and 16 January 2021, broadcast from the same venue.