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Amber Riley: 'It's horrible in America right now, but I hope people will wake up'

The ''Dreamgirls'' actress picked up the award for Best Actress in a Musical at the WhatsOnStage Awards

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Amber Riley has spoken about the state of US politics following her WhatsOnStage Award win on Sunday evening.

Speaking after her win for Best Actress in a Musical, Riley said that it's a "horrible time" in America, but that she hopes people will "wake up".

She described herself as a "socially and politically conscious person", and said she thinks events in America are making people come together and "see what is right and wrong".

She said: "It's a horrible time in America right now, but for me... I'm hoping that people will wake up. It's really making people band together, see what is right and wrong and what is justice."

The Dreamgirls actress said she finds acting in the musical cathartic if feels stressed, and she "puts everything" into her performances.

During the ceremony at the Prince of Wales Theatre, Riley performed the song "Listen" with Dreamgirls co-star Liisi LaFontaine. She described the musical as "brave, fun and kind of camp".

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