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A few of my favourite things: Carrie Hope Fletcher

The WhatsOnStage Award winner discusses haggis, bookshops and Indiana Jones

© Dan Wooller for WhatsOnStage

Carrie Hope Fletcher won the WhatsOnStage Award for Best Takeover in a Role for her portrayal of Eponine in Les Miserables. She also played the younger version of the part in the same production at the age of seven. Her Youtube channel It's Way Past My Bedtime is also a big hit.

So Carrie, what is your favourite…

Place to hang out in London?

Bookshops! I really love Waterstones and Hatchards, which is just off Piccadilly Circus, it's the oldest bookshop in Britain, 1797, I think that's how long it's been open. I love it, it's the sort of bookshop you read about in books, like the old fancy ladders and everything. If ever I have a few hours to spare, then I'll be in a bookshop.

Song (non-musical theatre)?

"Marry You" by Bruno Mars, that is a really damn good song. Also, the theme from Indiana Jones, every time I hear it I just want to go on an adventure. I was in the cinema recently and they had a soundtrack of John Williams' music on, Indiana Jones came on and I turned into a 5 year old kid!


I really like Haggis! I went to Edinburgh two years ago to do some work with Youtube and Pixar because Brave had just come out, they brought out this massive haggis and it was amazing, I loved it.


The first Youtuber I ever watched was Nerimon (Alex Day) who is also my boyfriend so that might be a little bit biased. So yeah, him and Charlie McDonnell I watch quite a lot. My brother has also started youtubing and he's amazing! It's a funny story, he set up an account because it wouldn't let him comment on anything without an account, so he just used TomMcFlyTwitter as his account name, which is like the worst youtube name you could ever think up. All the youtubers make fun of it. So now he's Tomplicated.


I think it would have to be the Palladium, because that was the longest run in a theatre when I was a kid doing Chitty and I have lots of good memories there. It's a big majestic theatre.


Kneehigh's Brief Encounter at the Cineworld Cinema on Haymarket was incredible. It has always really stuck in my mind. It was a play with music and it was the best piece of theatre I've ever seen.


I did a concert with Andrew Lippa recently and I was introduced to the Addams Family and "Pulled" and it's just one of the best songs. It's the song that Wednesday Addams sings when she realises she's in love. Of course she is from the Addams Family, so it's a new thing for her and she just starts listing all these things that she likes now that she used to hate. It's this amazing conflict of emotions and it's such a good song.

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