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10 signs that you are #StageyAndProud

Ever spent an entire film thinking how good it would be on stage? Did you then cast all your friends in the lead parts? If so, this list probably applies to you

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1. When the oscar nominations were announced, you looked for your favourite theatre actors rather than film stars.

Because Dame Judi should win everything.

2. You spend more money on theatre tickets than groceries.

Who needs to eat when you can go to the theatre? Showtunes are my food now!

3. Pressing shuffle on your iPod is always fabulous.

iTunes should rename the 'Artist' category to 'Show'!

4. At a pub quiz, you always hope one of the questions will be 'how many minutes are in a year?'

You sung the answer to this, didn't you?

5. When giving directions in London you use theatres as landmarks.

"When you get to the Criterion turn left, keep going past Queens and Gielgud, after five minutes you'll see Pizza Hut, opposite the Palace."

6. You have spent more time at stage doors than any other door in the world.

Waiting for Radcliffe. Pinter's lost sequel.

7. Every time you hear a kid with a Geordie accent you expect them to start ballet dancing.

"Go on then lad, show me your plié."

8. You own more theatre programmes than books.

"We're gonna need a bigger house! Too....Many....Programmes."

9. You like to tell the Starbucks barista you're name is Jean Valjean or Elphaba.

"Can I take your name please?", "Who am I?", "Yes sir", "Who am I?"....

10. Your twitter feed looks like this:

If you are #StageyAndProud, don't forget to have your say in our awards: awards.whatsonstage.com


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