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When The Rain Stops Falling (Liverpool)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Said & Done Theatre Company have only been on the scene since 2012, nevertheless they opened to rave reviews with their debut show, bash: latter day plays by Neil Labute, also produced at the Unity. It seems that second time around they have done it again.

Penned by acclaimed playwright Andrew Bovell, When The Rain Stops Falling is a beautiful piece of theatre, which involves depths of writing, and characterisation that is rare to see and captivating to watch. There are so many levels to Boyd's writing that really carry the characters on their journeys and make it engaging viewing, as the lives of these people are uncovered.

The story jumps from 1960s London to 1988, and then ends up in the year 2039, Alice Springs. It begins with Gabriel York, waiting for the arrival of his son who he has not seen since he was seven years old. The story unravels as it crosses from one generation to another, uncovering family secrets as it goes. The plot has the potential to be a little bit confusing, but Bovell is smart with his writing, and leaves plenty of markers; there are clever parallels in the characters and words, like echo's in time that bounce back to remind you.

This is a strong cast, all centred on the character of Gabriel Law. Poignant scenes between Joe Ryan played by Liam Tobin and Jennifer Burgess as Gabrielle York really highlight some of the many themes that are tackled throughout.

It is always uplifting to come across new, fresh and exciting theatre, and Said & Done have found a winning formula with strong writers, actors and directors that take theatre to a new and inspiring level.

- Janie Phillips