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Lennon (Liverpool)

Janie Phillips feels that this musical does John Lennon's music and life justice.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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Royal Court, Liverpool

Lennon artwork
© © Liverpool Royal Court

The story of the Beatles has been well documented over the years, but rarely has there been a production that tackles the band's journey so brilliantly as Lennon currently running at the Royal Court Theatre.

Packed with toe tapping hits from their famous repertoire, this production manages to capture the atmosphere of the time, from their first meeting and forming a skiffle band right through to John Lennon splitting from the group and his tragic death in December 1980.

There are two actors who take on the role of Lennon; Mark Newnham playing the young Lennon and John Power taking over as the older Lennon. What is nice to see is the different personalities that these two bring to their different roles, with Newnham's cockiness and energy to Power's maturity and assurance.

Their performances shine as indeed so do the rest of the cast. There is an extraordinary performance from Tom Connor who plays Paul McCartney. Not only does he sound like him, but there is also an uncanny resemblance to the singer that is astonishing to watch.

With Matt Breen as George Harrison, and Ross Higginson as Ringo Starr, these four excel, and it is clear to see the fun that this cast has performing such iconic music. Kirsten Foster plays Yoko Ono. A difficult role to fill but Foster does a splendid job with her character carrying some of the narration of the show.

This is an exceptional production, and tells the story of one of the most important bands of our time. Packed with talented individuals, put together they have made something special.

- Janie Phillips


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