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Vive Le Cabaret

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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It would be hard to find a classier late night show than Vive Le Cabaret. This is a funny, sexy and incredibly entertaining sample of some of the best acts from the Fringe, with a few regulars thrown in for good measure.

Even if you don’t love a particular segment, the show is put together so well that you won't have to wait long for something to suit your taste, with a variety of acts to make you feel as if you have had one hell of a night. Holding it all together, whipping the audience into a suitable frenzy, keeping it funny, and keeping things sexy is the MC Des O’Connor.

Friday night’s performance included an extraordinary beatboxing performance from Shlomo, who had the audience in raptures with his polyrhythmic convulsing and vocal gymnastics. Chanteuse Camille O'Sullivan followed with an emotional and sexual a capella rendition of Jacque Brel’s "Amsterdam". There were also some sexy showgirls and acrobat Ed Muir on a pole refreshing himself with a diet cola.

If every night is as intense, even the non-smokers will leave the theatre wanting to light up a cigarette.

- Paul Ewing


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