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Three Man Roast

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Though I had uncertainty as to whether this show would be an extremely diminished reinterpretation of a Dean Martin event, or some kind of bizarre Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall-esque feat of comedic contortionism – Three Man Roast turns out to be an extremely solid compendium of nerd-centric standup by Alex Holland, Will Howells and Dan McKee.

The cosy back room of Finnegan's Wake gets a cheery din about it as the guys alternate introducing each other and performing inventive routines which fairly heavily feature Dr Who, pedantry, wordplay, wordplay based on pedantry, adventures on public transport, and pedantry.

McKee's presence and Howells' craftiness keep the material deftly bouncing along apace without delving too far into the geeky detail-centric session it could have so easily become.

These boys are definitely ready to graduate to a larger room. As predicted, there were no birds in this roast – we certainly didn't spot any turkeys.

- Jason B Standing


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