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The Suitcase Royale in Zombatland

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Nothing exciting happens on a caravan park, right? How about a deadly disease that rips through a wombat population creating the first ever strain of zombie wombats - AKA zombats. This is the premise of Suitcase Royale’s musical comedy act, and it is absurdly entertaining.

The Grogan brothers have been born and raised on the Blue Lagoon Caravan Park and are now responsible for its continuing success, but the blood-thirsty wombats are causing serious mischief. With the help of a madcap stranger and a crumpet gun, the brothers seek to rid the park of its zombat infestation in a style that hints of Monty Python and The Mighty Boosh.

The narrative comedy is topped-off by the threesome’s indie-cool live music, and a very impressive set that features a couple of caravans and an underground zombat layer. All together the silly antics of Blue Lagoon are a winning mix, and you’ll find yourself easily won over by the witty charm of The Suitcase Royale.

- Charlotte Pegram


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