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The Rape of Lucrece

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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Rarely do you get the chance to see such an impressive solo performance of Shakespeare’s poetry. Gerard Logan shows single-mindedness in his engagement with the language of this poem, and through his precise movements and actions it is obvious that he has given deep consideration to each line.

This adaptation retains all the brutality of the original poem as it tells of the terrible rape of the chaste Lucrece by the vile Tarquin. Logan effortlessly handles the transition between characters, allowing the audience to easily distinguish the fearful pleadings of Lucrece from the lustful ravings of her assailant.

Logan captivates the audience for the full hour of this performance in his careful modulation of pitch, tone and pace. He punctuates the lines at crucial moments so that the audience is able to absorb details of plot, and he is so confident in his delivery that he is able to fix audience members with a searching glance.

As this is the first adaptation of The Rape of Lucrece, and as the performer is so talented, you’d be foolish not to see it.

- Charlotte Pegram


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