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Shakespeare For Breakfast (Edinburgh Fringe)

The Bardic breakfasters are back and better than ever

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Shakespeare for Breakfast is a Fringe institution. Back for their 23rd year, they lovingly send up the Bard with tongue-in-cheek humour.

This year, instead of focusing on one play as they are oft wont to do, they take numerous characters from across the works and shove them all on a desert island; Shakespeareland.

The protagonist in their tale is Steve, a young lighting technician (actually called Steph) who has washed up on the island after a particularly violent storm. Cue a quartet of goodies (Hamlet, Kate, Prince Hal and Ariel) trying to stop the baddies (Iago, Tamora, Richard III and Third Witch) from overthrowing their leader - Shakespeare, of course - and the hilarity that ensues.

The cast keep the laughs coming, and there are so many Shakespearean references you're bound to get a few even if you're not an aficionado. A rap battle between good and evil falls slightly flat, partly because it's hard to hear the actual words, but the rest of the puns are just right.

It's true that the more clued up on Shakespeare you are the more you'll get from the show, but with strong performances, witty jokes and a free croissant thrown in, it's more than worth getting out of bed for.

Shakespeare for Breakfast runs at C Venues until 25 August