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Remember This

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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This show will probably appeal to those playgoers with a sentimental heart, dealing as it does with the anguish caused by marriage, pregnancy and family relationships in a manner that is somewhat maudlin.

The narrative is anchored by a series of photographs that chronicle the ups and downs of Nick and Helen’s relationship. We see pictures of holidays and dinners that prompt a discussion of the feelings, words and actions of that particular moment in time, which builds to the rather uninspiring dénouement.

Similarly, the cast-of-three perform their parts well, but their lines are full of clichéd expressions like “you need to get some perspective on this” and “I’m sorry, just tell me how to fix it”.

This show has recycled old themes and material, and even if you like having your heart strings pulled, I think you could find more original shows on the fringe to stir your emotions.


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