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Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Rain is an intimate and unique piece of storytelling. Playing to a maximum of 16 audience members on the cramped Upper Terrace at C, this is interactive and utterly magical. A father and daughter welcome the audience to their show; they are going to display to us their collection of rain. For years the father has been collecting rain water in tiny jars, and these are hung all around the terrace, suspended from the surrounding walls and scattered across the floor.

The piece gently examines the complex relationship between the pair, and shows how the father has brought up his daughter, telling her hundreds of fantastical and mystical tales to hide the truth of their past.

This is very moving, beautifully simple and lyrical. Francesca Murray Fuentes gives a wonderful performance as the daughter; utterly believable and captivating. Adam Alcock shows some promise as the father, but his performance occasionally feels slightly stilted. These are difficult and multi-layered characters to perform, and generally this young company do them justice.

Jonathon Carr writes and directs, making brilliant use of the space with an effective design, and creating a lovely atmosphere. The writing doesn't quite live up to the premise, and with more work and tighter editing the show could be much stronger. As it stands though, this is still worthwhile and interesting, and for half an hour of pure escapism, this is lovely.

- Chris Wheeler


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