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Poland 3 Iran 2

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
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Pleasance at Thistle Street Bar
4-28 August, 17.00

When Poland played Iran in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, Mehrdad Seyf and Chris Dobrowolski were both enthralled. The unlikely pair come from very different backgrounds, growing up in Iran and Essex respectively, but discovered that they share a surprising number of similarities. 

This lecture-style show, which takes place in the charming, albeit overly toasty surroundings of the new Pleasance venue, the Thistle Street Bar, charts the men’s family histories and childhood obsessions, from a shared love of Subutteo, to tales of governments coups and labour strikes.  

There are some interesting anecdotes here and it is humbling to hear about the trials undergone and sacrifices made by the men’s fathers in particular. But Poland 3 Iran 2 feels ramshackle in the way it is put together and there is not enough humour to maintain a whole hour of material.

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