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Hayani (Edinburgh Fringe)

We continue our coverage of Assembly's South African productions with this two-hander about home and family

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Hayani is the story of two males as they grow up in post-apartheid South Africa. The play follows the men as they travel back home to opposite sides of the country and develop an understanding of who they are in the world.

Or at least this is what the synopsis suggests. In all honesty, despite superlative performances from the two actors (Atandwa Kani and Nat Ramabulana), I failed to keep up with the plot as the myriad of character and era changes collided and merged at lightning pace. Both performers flit between playing themselves as a child, a teenager and an adult, as well as portraying their father AND mother at various ages, and without the use of a common motif to signal the changes the story becomes muddled and lost.

What this production does have going for it is heart, that isn't hard to see. The performances are swamped in emotion and vigour and in another production would be worthy of high praise.

Hayani runs at Assembly George Square Studios until 25 August.