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Fresher The Musical

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Zoo Roxy
6-30 August, 17:35

A creative writing professor at university advised me never to write about student life. “It’s indulgent and really not as interesting as you students like to think,” he warned.

My university days are now in the dim and distant past, but my professor’s words came back to me as I settled down to Fresher The Musical, which follows five fresh-faced teens in a shared house, experiencing their first days (and long nights) at university with all of its student rituals.

It’s true that, as an adult, the party can feel protracted, drinking games, “chundering” dangers and an ode to “This Is So Cool That I Can Get Wasted” all wearing a little thin.

But we’re never too old to forget the hopes and insecurities of that period when first impressions counted for everything – and they’re well observed in Sally Torode’s book. Mark Aspinall’s pop-funk score, as well as his humorous lyrics, is also toe-tappingly catchy. And, I must report, that the packed house of those of a similar age as the characters absolutely lapped it up.


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