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Brett Goldstein Grew Up in a Strip Club

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Goldstein is no stranger to the Fringe, and has been performing here regularly for several years, however this is his first solo show; the true story of the time he spent running his father’s strip club. It’s fast paced, dark and brutal, and performed with skill and ease.

Goldstein’s humour is self-deprecating, oddly philosophical and fascinating to witness. He engages the audience completely in his stories, while retaining an air of informality; his tone makes each performance feel unique and almost improvised.

The show feels rough round the edges, but this is clearly exactly what he intends, and he retains complete control. The touching moments in the piece follow fantastic build-ups, and Goldstein’s background as a playwright clearly feeds into a complete knowledge of how to captivate his audience.

Everything is tied together with great skill, and his stories are both interesting and entertaining. Goldstein is an excellent comedian and a talented storyteller. For an hour’s solid entertainment, this is top class.

- Chris Wheele


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