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Adam and Eve: The Musical (Edinburgh Fringe)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Adam & Eve is a new musical theatre piece written and composed by Ben Hales with witty cutout designs by Kerry Hampton.

They are both part of the company of 6 with Splendid Productions who give me a challenge when reviewing. Is this a show for younger audiences? There are times when it feels like gentle storytelling for those who may not know the story of the Fall and the acquisition of knowledge. Light, charming, bold characters appealing surely to 6+.

But then the show moves to tackle "The greatest gift of heaven above - sexual love" and we are in very different territory. So Honk meets Hair is a challenge.

In Edinburgh there is an audience that will accept being the child, and relax into a lunchtime revue. They enjoy themselves and leave saying it's brilliant to the cast.

Although this is an ensemble piece of storytelling it's rightly dominated by a great devilish performance by Gerard McGrath as Lucifer - they say the devil has the best tunes and this lithe powerhouse delights.

Definitely a creative team, and a cast, to keep watching.