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Vikki Stone: Why You Should Come & See ... Big Neon Letters

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Award winning Vikki Stone and The Flashbacks are bringing Big Neon Letters to Edinburgh as their Fringe debut. Part comedy, part gig here's why Vikki and the band think you should come and see their show.

Why should you come and see the show? Because it’s funny, but if you need further persuasion:

The show is about the search for fame and recognition at the expense of meaningful relationships. It's also a bit filthy, so don't bring the kids. You can bring your Mum, but only if you're prepared to explain a few things in the car on the way home.

The show is accompanied by the very cool band ‘The Flashbacks’ - so it’s a stand-up comedy show with music, on a bigger scale. Expect funny tunes that really rock out.

I sing and play my way through the show on the piano, with Matt Blair on drums/vocals and Andy Franklin on guitar/bass/vocals/glockenspiel. (Everytime the glockenspiel comes out in rehearsals it’s been accompanied by endless: 'go on Andy, get your glock out', jokes. It never gets old.)

In our leisure time as a band, we try to improve Andy's anecdotal skills. Boy, do his stories come with swathes of unnecessary detail. If you run into him in the Loft Bar, give the poor lad some tips.

And Matt, well, Matt is a comedian himself, as well as an ace drummer, but here's the juicy stuff – he's the son of Lionel Blair. Recently Matt was sick, and it got passed around his family, and I thought, "Wow, I know that Lionel Blair is having stomach troubles."

And there's me. This year I won the Soho Theatre Durex One Night Stand-Up Award, quite a mouthful! As you can imagine, I got a lot of free condoms as part of the prize. And lube. Too much, really, if there is such a thing. If anyone needs moistening during the festival, come find me, there’s plenty to go round.

Vikki Stone & The Flashbacks play their show Big Neon Letters from 3 - 28 August (excl 15) at 23.00 at the Gilded Balloon Teviot.


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