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Hello there!

Welcome to the 'Thought Thief Blog' here at What's On Stage. This is a place where you can keep up to date on what I am doing. But who am I? And why should you care? Well if you would do me the great favour of reading to the end of this very brief post I will answer all these, and give you the opportunity to get involved in a few things that are, as far as I am aware, a first for the Fringe.

Well my name is Pete Antoniou, and I am performing at this year's Fringe. I perform my own unique brand of Mind Reading. That basically means I interact with people, seeing inside their minds, for entertainment purposes only! I can't talk to the dead though, that is Joe Power's job (and he is up at the Fringe this year too). And that is what I love about the Fringe, whether you want to see a man who can read minds (that'd be me), a man who claims to talk to dead people, a stand-up comedian, an improvised musical, or a post-punk Opera, there is probably a show for you.

My show this year is massively different to anything I've done before. It tells the true story of me being approached by a 'Psychic Consultancy Agency', trying to recruit me. Pretty strange all round. I am very excited, but also pretty nervous. When I come to Edinburgh, it's a break from my regular performing at private functions and corporate events and the like, and I don't come with a massive team. All the PR people, agents and flyering teams get left at home, it's just me. Well and my tech person, Jo, but more about her on another post. And at only 20, it's a pretty nerve-racking prospect. But as big as the pressure is, I like it this way. What you see is what you get. My twitter, my blog, all of it is written by me, and you'll get to follow me around Edinburgh, seeing what it is like for performer. You'll also get to be part of my 21st birthday celebrations, which fall in the middle of the festival!

It should be noted also that this blog won't just be me wittering on endlessly about myself. I will be running competitions, interactive puzzles and games here. As well letting you know about special exclusive events. The first of the games will commence very shortly. In fact I am having a meeting later today to tidy up the lasts of the puzzle. I am very excited about it, and am sure that you will have fun with it!

In the mean time, I'd love to give you just a wee video to give you a taste of my work:

Check back regularly for updates, as they will come thick and fast, and if you are on twitter check me out here

Until next time, take care


P.S. Please do leave comments below. I'd love to hear any questions, or input you have. I'll answer questions in a future blog. So get them in! As I'd love to hear from you.

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