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Morgan & West: Four Tips for Fun Flyering

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Good evening all,

With the Fringe coming hurtling to the end of it's second day, the first few thousand flyers have been handed out and subsequently recycled, thrown away or used to fix wonky tables. Few images sum up the festival more than the throng of tourists, performers and flyerers crowding the Royal Mile, and the giving and receiving of squares of cardboard is the one experience that everyone in this city shares.

So, if you are reading this you are almost certainly going to be giving or given a flyer in the next twenty four hours, and so we thought we'd give you a little advice for survival on the mile.

1) Be polite. Let's be honest chaps and chapettes, if you are a member of the public walking down the mile this month you should expect someone to offer you a flyer. If you don't want it, just say "No thank you" or some words to that effect, it really is much nicer than blanking someone. Similarly, if you are flyering and someone takes a flyer (or even if they don't), it pays to say thank you.

2) Don't try and be smart. We give out thousands of flyers a day, to thousands of people, and I'm sorry to say that whatever witty repost you come up with, we've heard it before. Yes, even that really good one liner about magicians. Even that. Similarly, if you intend to try an eye catching, wacky flyering technique, make sure it is different to the eye catching, wacky flyering technique the person stood next to you uses.

3) Hours means audiences. The longer you are out there, and the more flyers you give away, the more people will come and see your show. This is just a fact.

4) Do something nice. We're all people at the end of the day, and flyering can be tiring, thankless, and often wet (this is still Edinburgh after all). So if someone flyered you for a show that you enjoyed, tell them so. Even better, tell them so as they are flyering someone else, it'll make their day.

So in general, be lovely to everyone, and accept that the Fringe would not be the Fringe without brightly coloured cardboard shrapnel lining the inside of every bag and pocket.

Have fun, and be safe out there,

Morgan and West

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