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Morgan & West: Electricity and Elbow Emergencies

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A very good evening to you all. Firstly let me apologise for drawing you here under false pretenses. The title word 'emergencies' implies issues that are urgent and deadly serious. If I am honest they are more grave issues than life threatening situations but we do enjoy our drama.

Firstly the electricity. This morning (as usual) I awoke, took a shower and a shave and headed down to the kitchen for breakfast. There I was greeted by a veritable waterfall running down the wall right next to the electricity meter. One swift telegram later and I was greeted by a plumber who informed me that our bathing apparatus was simply not up to the job of, well, bathing. Needless to say both Mr West and I were extremely displeased with our landlords both for the inadequate cleaning equipment and the near electrocution. Back to gas lamps and coal fires I say!

Second the elbow. Mr West has now for some days been nursing quite a severe injury of the humerous. If you question him as to how he came by this affliction he will regale you with a tale of young ladies in distress, honour and fisticuffs. Truth be told he doesn't have the faintest idea how he hurt his elbow but the fact of the matter is this little niggle is severely hampering our rehearsals for the Edinburgh Fringe. With any luck normal service will resume in the morning.

In the mean time we await the arrival of our dear friend and confidante Mr Welton who will be sure to entertain us with many a tale of the Capital and how life continues there.

Goodnight all, sweet dreams.

Morgan & West: Time Travelling Magicians, Gilded Balloon, 15:45, 4th - 29th Aug
Twitter:   @WestMagic   @MorganMagic

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