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A few of my favourite Edinburgh things: Jonny Donahoe

Jonny Donahoe, known for being one half of the comedy blues band Jonny & the Baptists, is starring at this year's Fringe in Paines Plough's ''Every Brilliant Thing'' as well as having a solo show

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Jonny Donahoe
© Phoebe Cheong

Jonny Donahoe is starring in Duncan Macmillan's one-man play Every Brilliant Thing at the pop-up Roundabout venue at this year's Edinburgh Fringe, as well as returning with Jonny & the Baptists and performing his stand-up show Jonny Donahoe: Class Whore.

Here we find out a few of his favourite Edinburgh things...

The Roundabout venue at Summerhall
© Paul Zanre

Venue to work in?

The Roundabout in Summerhall. It's like a tiny O2 Arena, but with no commercial branding and the stuff on there isn't just Little Mix or Jim Davidson.

Venue to see something in?

If I'm going to see comedy rather than theatre, I love watching shows at Stand One (or The Stand as it's called during the rest of the year). It's probably the best room for live comedy in the whole world.

Bridget Christie

Artist/Company/Act that you see every year?

Right. Deep breath. Bridget Christie, Mark Thomas, Alex Edelman, Susan Calman, John-Luke Roberts, Rachel Parris, The Beta Males, Andrew Doyle, Angela Barnes, Thom Tuck, Ria Lina, and loads more that I can't think of!

Place to eat?

There used to be a North African restaurant by The Pleasance Dome which had the worst service of anywhere I have ever been in my entire life. I loved it. I used to go there as often as I could, just to experience the service. The food was amazing too, but my favourite memory was arguing with a waiter who took my chair to give to another customer when I got up for a moment to use the loo. He wouldn't give it back, so I had to eat standing. I'd go back if it hadn't shut down and become a coffee house.

Place to drink?

By the end of the festival, anywhere that isn't temporary and serves drinks in glasses becomes a heavenly place to be as you get so used to drinking in temporary bars attached to the venues.

Place to hang out?

The Auld Hoose on St Leonards Street.

Memory of the Fringe?

Three years ago my flat had an exceptionally large bath. Baths are brilliant, and an essential part of the day if you tend to do three or four shows a day for a whole month. This year I have no bath. I will have to improvise.

Show that you've seen at the Fringe?

My Long Journey Home by New International Encounter, 2004. Breathtakingly beautiful and funny – really, really funny. Wonderful.

Every Brilliant Thing runs at Summerhall @ Roundabout until 22 August. Jonny & the Baptists runs at the Pleasance Dome until 24 August and Jonny Donahoe: Class Whore runs at Cowgatehead