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Five Reasons to See ... Juliet Meyer's I'm Not Spartacus

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Juliet Meyers is a passionate comedienne and confident about standing up and being funny. But can she stand up and be counted among the ranks of Spartacus? The audience will be left to decide, but here Meyers explains why you should come and see I'm NOT Spartacus!

1. It’s about normal people who think about being extraordinary (but cant be arsed) Ever written a furious complaint letter then never sent it? Ever wished you could change the world, but then thought “Nah, The Apprentice is on?” Ever meant to do more to help the planet then thought “What good will it really do?” Can’t decide how best to tackle noisy people in the quiet carriage of a train? Ever seen a scuffle between two people in the street and wondered if you should intervene? Ever questioned if throwing a pie at Rupert Murdoch really helps anything? Then come to my show.

2. It’s funny., In fact, “Exceptionally funny’ (The Independent) It’s a stand-up show. it’s supposed to be, but just saying, in the same way it says ‘contains nuts’ on a bag of nuts. Some jokes have been described as on-the-edge and might split the room but that’s good because there’s a bit where you can vote on a joke or two Roman style.

3. It’s about Standing up and being counted like Spartacus. I want to stand up and be counted, like Spartacus and friends (in the 1960’s film) and protest and be a fine upstanding person but stuff gets in the way. It’s not just the big stuff like evil bastards, it’s stuff like disappointing magicians and irritating posh mums too. So if you’ve ever protested about anything or never protested but thought about it or even just been passive aggressive, you’ll like this! It’s a bit about Spartacus, you don’t have to have seen the film, I’ll talk you through it… it really is an epic.

4. It’s passionate. Frustration + fury over everyday stuff mixed with stand-up and the silly stuff we do when ‘pushed to the limit’…

5. It’s Confessional: Contains truth about my more pointless protests (especially one involving boobs) and absurd friends!

Juliet Meyers: I'm NOT Spartacus! runs from the 4-28 August (excl 16) at Just the Tonic @ The Store at 17.40.


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