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First Show Today. Eek!

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Right. I have washed my hair, shaved my legs, ironed my dress and put on my lucky pants. I'm ready for the first Edinburgh performance of Can You Dig It? - the best vegetable cultivation-based musical comedy show EVER. Or rather I'm sort of ready - just have to learn all my lines, memorise the order things come in and practise playing the songs without messing up the chords - all minor details.

The show is at 4pm today at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. We're putting the finishing touches to our room this morning - mainly adorning it with vegetables. You can't do a vegetable cultivation-based musical comedy show without vegetables. In thrilling news, our CDs have arrived just in time so our lucky audiences will be able to purchase and take home all the songs from the show plus some more we didn't manage to cram in.

Last night we played a couple of songs at Tricity Vogue's Ukelele Cabaret, which is a lovely FREE night running throughout the festival, featuring some of the funniest and most original acts at the Fringe. Yesterday's ukulele smorgasbord included a song about a geriatric cat, some magic and an interesting and informative ditty about how to give a truly excellent blow job. Our contribution included Dan playing his incredible cucumber trumpet. Apparently he'd managed to make a particularly fine instrument this time (they vary in quality according to the shape, size and freshness of vegetables used). He'll have to make a new one for today's big premiere. Let's hope it's a good one.

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