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En Route!!

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Hey there Edin-dudes,
Its happening...
I am on the train...
The mist has formed around Berwick...
QUICK, swap sandals for wellies!

I am excited and also absolutely terrified.

I had my preview at Soho Theatre on Thursday and have been re-writing everything over and over in my mind. But actually I think i'm pretty much there!

Anyway in other news:

Jamie Moakes, the solo star of Zoo Roxy show You Will be Rare is about to finish his Epic cycle from Colchester to Edinburgh. Us East to Edinburgh dudes are all descending to the venue to cheer and throw things at him as he pulls up sweaty and completely dying.

Poor Anthony Roberts from Colchester Arts Centre has been trapped in a car with the poets: Tim Clare and Luke Wright and keeps sending SOS texts to people... I think two poets is enough for anyone.

I am heading to my flat collecting my flyering beauty of a sister on the way to have a quick shower, slip into something a little more ridiculous to sprint to an interview with the BBC at 4:30.

No fun to be had by me until Thursday evening... I am going to concentrate on making this blooming show GOOD... then onto the fun!!! and the raving.

Big Love
Bryony xx


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