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Edinburgh Moment: How to Ensure Your Posters Stay on the Fringe Pillars on the Royal Mile

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After their sell-out debut show last year, Dan March, Jim Millard and Matt Sheahan return as The Last MacGuffins with their show Skitsophrenic. Here they have some advice on festival advertising.

The short answer is you can't. There is nothing you can do. No matter what cunning plan you may come up with, that notice for a student production of Faust - artfully scrawled in crayon on a page of white A3 flip chart paper - will inevitably cover over your expensively produced high-gloss full-colour posters. Like us, you can try sending Matt out at the crack of dawn with a bucket of wall paper paste - in order to get down there before anyone else. Don't, it's a waste of time They'll have disappeared by mid-morning. And your paste will simply run clear with Matt's tears. You can try taking that rickety step ladder, that you fortuitously found at your digs, and hike four royally painful miles to the Royal Mile and perch precariously on the very top step to reach the very top of a pillar - this will buy you a good 12 hour slot - but then no one will actually be able to read them. You can try Jim's strong arm tactics of aggressive, frenzied staple-gunning posters over an entire column - three times a day. But this only leads to complaints, from other acts, from passers by and the poor unfortunate child you may have inadvertently stapled to a pillar. No, alas, all you can do is accept that like a sand castle, your posters will inevitably be washed away in the tide. Far better to join Dan for a pint in the Pleasance Courtyard. Cheers.

The Real MacGuffins: Skitsophrenic are on at Pleasance Courtyard from 4 - 29 August (excl 12) at 16.30.


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