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9 shows about Brexit and Trump at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Make sure you don't miss the best shows on the hottest current affairs topics at the Fringe in 2017

Trumpus Interruptus: The Impeachment of Donald J Trump

Greenside, 4 to 12 August

It's 2019 and Trump's presidency is on the line. He's been in hiding after secrets from a behind-closed-doors meeting with Vladimir Putin leak. It's chaos at the White House, which is already in lockdown, as Trump fights to hold on to the presidency. Playwright Zach Tomasovic (who also plays Trump) says he looks forward to a day when this is no longer a work of fiction, but a historical reenactment.

Locker Room Talk

Traverse, 21 August

Gary McNair takes on Trump's infamous 'banter' about assaulting women in this new piece at the Traverse. McNair has interviewed an array of men and women about how people use language about women; is Trump an extreme case, or does he speak for others? Their answers form the basis of this verbatim piece which is only around for two performances, so make sure you don't miss it.

Donald Trump
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C venues, 2 to 28 August (except 15)

This musical is set in 2030 and, far from being impeached, Trump is now America's supreme dictator. Performed by Cambridge Footlights (whose alumni includes Olivia Colman, Julian Fellowes, Stephen Fry, Nicholas Hytner and John Oliver to name a few), this parody musical imagines this scenario and asks what will happen to the 'Mexican Resistance', ISIS and, more importantly, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Simon Jay as Trump
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Gilded Balloon Teviot, 2 to 28 August (except 9, 16 and 23)

If you want to spend a night with the man himself, you're in luck. Well, almost. Actor Simon Jay will be returning to the Fringe with his impressions of the American leader. In a blog Jay wrote for us last year, he said "I am not just trying to look and sound like Trump, I am trying to embody something of the real Trump". So with the state visit on hold for the time being, this satire, directed by Olivier nominee Dan Clarkson, might be the closest you'll get to The Donald for quite a while.

Brexit the Musical

C venues – C, 2 to 28 August (except 15)

If there's one thing that could make the Brexit negotiations a bit more bearable, it's a musical. No-one knows what the plan is yet, but Brexit must go ahead. In this musical by lawyer Chris Bryant, it's all down to Boris and his sidekick Govey. It's brought to the Fringe by Strong and Stable Productions (honestly), and could be a genuine sign of things to come.

Not to Be Seen Outside the EU

theSpace on the Mile, 7 to 11 August

What will life be like after Brexit? This short piece imagines a Britain where stringent restrictions are placed on the importation of certain EU goods like Milky Way Magic Stars and how far people might go to get hold of them illegally. Will the addictions of Brits drive them into the arms of criminal gangs? or aid workers? Will society itself cease to exist? Find out the answers to this and other implausible questions in this surreal sketch show.

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

Roundabout @ Summerhall, 4 to 27 August

This piece written by Luke Barnes is set over three decades from '97's Cool Britannia to 2007's Broken Britain and today's Brexit balls-up. It follows Leah and Chris who have grew up during these turbulent times. It's set to live music, and when we spoke to the company, they said they wanted to create theatre 'where people feel like they might have sex afterwards'. So, there's that.


theSpace on North Bridge, 4 to 19 August (except 6, 13)

On the face of it, Commons is about the romance of a middle-aged MP and his male prostitute. But really, this failed love story is an analogy for the UK's road to Brexit. Given the messy divorce we've been warned about, this should prove to be an interesting take on love and politics.

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The Bugle Live Podcast

New Town Theatre, 16 and 27 August

In addition to his stand-up gigs, 'satirist for hire' Andy Zaltzman records a live episode of his podcast The Bugle from the Fringe each year (a tradition that's been running since 2007). The show will cover anything and everything that happens in the news that week. Zaltzman – who used to present the show with Last Week Tonight host John Oliver – will be joined by a first-rate comedian to record the show.