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God of Carnage (Southampton)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
One has to wonder whether we all carry a bit of carnage within ourselves.

Yasmina Reza’s God of Carnage starts off with two sets of parents trying to resolve a serious incident between their children. What ensues however are continuously heated arguments about who is in the right, whilst bringing out some ugly sides to the parents. With some witty dialogue it is hilarious to watch these people stoop to the level of monsters.

Within a simple set of a stylish lounge, with a tint of red to it, the play relies on the performances which are what the production excels at. Matthew Kelly’s Michel Vallon is jolly and keeps agreeing with everything the others say. James Clyde, as hotshot lawyer Alain Reille, with mobile at the ready, is to the point and confrontational. Yet it is clear that both lack the concern for their sons that the women display.

Tracey Childs’ Veronique Vallon is the upstanding, overbearing wife who is ever willing to preach on childrearing methods and the third World. Miranda Foster is a fragile but intelligent and graceful Annette Reille. It becomes clear that her problems stem from the attitude of her work obsessed husband.

These strong performances allow the wit and swirling issues of the play to be cleverly brought to the fore.

A delightful one act play combining laughter with the serious issues of child-rearing and marital discord.


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