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Science Museum Live On Tour (Tour - Newcastle)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Why was science not this much fun when I was a school!

London’s world famous Science Museum has taken to the road, literally with a bang. Be it audience participation on stage (by joining in on experiments) or around the auditorium by passing a giant inflatable ball across our heads, the fun never stops. But behind each experiment there is a serious subject however it is all handled with fun, so you never realise you are learning.

The experiments range from a young boy wrapped in plastic standing on a cheap carpet, so he can demonstrate static electricity, to a girl shooting across the stage in a hovercraft powered by a garden vacuum.

With the aid of a large screen television the two presenters take us on a journey that involves them dancing, dressing up and having to wear protective equipment just to demonstrate the science to us. It has to be said the explosion at the end of the first half, where the audience have to prepare themselves by putting their fingers in their ears, while the presenters were wearing ear protectors, certainly made an impression on the audience.

The only downside to the show is that it deserves to be playing to a packed venues, I hope word of mouth and deservedly great reviews will mean we can look forward to Science Museum Live 2


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