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Defending the Caveman

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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In 2000 Defending the Caveman won the Olivier Award for Best Entertainment and nine years later the show is undergoing a further tour, as well as a stint in the West End, and introducing its humour to a whole new audience. 

Mark Little (still remembered as Joe Mangel in Neighbours) proves he is an excellent story teller as this is a one man show takes us on a journey from caveman to modern man.

Written by Rob Becker and directed by Cathy Farr (the real Mrs Little) the show literally brings in to sharp focus the difference between men and women through observations that we can all recognise. Both sexes have the opportunity to laugh at each other and squirm in their seats as the stories and events ring all too close to home.

Starting with a “home video” which clearly identifies the differences in the Little household between Mark and his wife, Little then strides on to the stage and soon has the audience in the palm of his hand.

He take us on a journey from the cavemen being hunters and the women of the time gathers, then compares them to how both sexes react in situations today. We cover every aspect of relationships from sex to shopping and fishing to friendships and the observations are always frighteningly spot on.

Little literally paints pictures in your mind of the situations he refers to while using only a few props to assist him . The show is very funny but uncomfortably truthful, which makes it all the more comic and will appeal to adults of all ages. 

Tour continues until July 8th

John Dixon


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