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Charles Ross' One-Man Star Wars Trilogy (Tour - Newcastle)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Charles Ross has been performing his One-Man Star Wars Trilogy show for over a decade, but the Force is still strong with him and this 60 minute show doesn't tire.

As it says in the title, Charles Ross performs all three Star Wars films, alone, without the aid of props or music or much lighting or special effects. It might sound like a recipe for disaster but it is far from it.

Capturing the key moments across the three films, each film is given 20 minutes of precious stage time. Ross has boundless amounts of energy to bring to life the favourite characters and moments, mixing serious plot developments with a skit and a jibe at the much loved franchise. Whether you know a lot or a little about the Trilogy, Ross will have you chuckling at his version of those famous moments.

Ross briefly interacts (to catch his breathe) with the audience between each performance of a film and at the end spends 10 minutes giving a brief history of the development of his show and his admission that it's now time for him to hand back his lightsaber, as this will be the last UK tour.

Supported by Danny Pensive to warm the audience up with an entertaining half-hour stand up routine, catch this unique production while you can before it disappears to a galaxy far far away...


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