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The Rocky Horror Show (Tour - Liverpool)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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It’s hard to believe that The Rocky Horror Show is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Written as a tongue in cheek tribute to the b-movies of its past, it has thrilled audiences ever since. With an electric soundtrack and outrages costumes, few musicals have enjoyed such a feverish cult following.

It’s no wonder then that the news of another theatrical tour brought so much excitement to the Liverpool Empire. We may be experiencing another freezing cold February, but that won’t stop fans from donning their carefully chosen Magenta, Columbia or Frank N Furter costumes, and piling inside for a whirlwind week of Rocky Horror madness.

The story follows a familiar path - Geeky good boy Brad (Ben Forster) and his Fiancée, Janet (Roxanne Pallett) find themselves with a flat tire, and no one to help. Thankfully (or not, depending on your outlook), there’s a castle full of people nearby.  A castle full of people who are holding a bizarre Annual Transylvanian Convention. Once inside, all manner of strange awakenings take place. One thing’s for sure, Brad and Janet will never be the same again!

Forster and Pallett do a fantastic job as our lead couple. With expert timing and perfect voices, they deliver worthy performances to an audience that know every line uttered throughout the show.  X Factor’s Rhydian, all rippling muscles and blond hair, seems as though he was destined to play the role of Rocky. While Narrator, Philip Franks was warm toned and delightful. This isn’t a performance to sleepwalk through, and thankfully the entire cast bring the energy and devotion that make the show such a crowd pleaser.

Of course it’s Oliver Thornton’s Frank N Furter that gets the pulses racing with his confident swagger and naughty humour. Fans who have watched the theatrical release countless times, want a Frank N Furter with all the style and poise of Tim Curry, and that’s what we’re given by Thornton. His portrayal is sexy, sublime, and a sure fire hit with the audience.

Part of the charm of the show, is that you can see it performed year after year, and still feel blown away by the spectacular songs and amazing choreography. The 40th Anniversary party production feels as vibrant as it ever has, and let’s face it, “It’s the biggest and baddest Rock ‘N’ Roll musical ever!”  Grab your suspenders and book a ticket, as this version is unmissable!

- Vicki Goodwin


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