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Sinderfella (Manchester)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Pantos traditionally use drag but in SG Productions’ adult version, Sinderfella, Cinders is a fella, too.
International drag artist Miss Thunderpussy (Scott Houston) knows what she’s about not just in Canal Street but at the Dance House where she plays Cinderella.  She’s a master of drag dominating the stage in quirky dresses, designed by Norma Bonnell and, the appropriately named, Mary Mcquirk.
There are too many ‘f’ words in the piece but I laugh my socks off at the dirty remarks.  “He’s behind you” takes on a whole new meaning.  And two new phrases have been introduced in Whatsonstage.com’s honour.  One is “Write it down, Julia” and, in the case of risqué jokes “Don’t write it down, Julia!”   
The plot is simple, like the family versions and serves as a vessel in which to carry the jokes. When Cinderella doesn’t turn up, her Fairy God Mother played by Big Brother housemate, Kathreya Kasisopa arranges for Miss Thunderpussy to be her.
Neither bosom-high Buttons (Simon Nicks) nor Prince Charming (re-named Prince Donkey Dick) (Matthew Greenwood) realise Cinders’ a drag queen and ooze ironic sentimentality. Buttons and Ugly Sisters Gaga and Rhianna ensure hearty audience participation throughout. For some unknown reason, Director/Writer and TV presenter, Simon Gross, appears unexpectedly and charismatically as big-boobed, busy body Gaga amply aided by Dale Vickers as Rhianna.
Everyone belts out suggestive songs such as "Like a Virgin" and "Dancing Queen." The charity, Gay Men Fighting Aids, benefits from the raffle of some naughty underpants and we benefit from the raunchy, tacky fun.

- Julia Taylor


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