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Sea Odyssey (Liverpool)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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We’re off to see the Sea Odyssey – Giant Spectacular… a quest inspired by the Titanic tragedy, with the reunion of the 30ft Little Girl and her 50ft Uncle. The streets were packed; trains and buses stuffed; cafés, pubs and restaurants filled to the brim – the world and his wife and vast extended family gathered for a fantastic three-day spectacle. Many kept coming back, not wishing to miss a thing, and not easy because of the millions of people milling around. You needed stamina - or the internet.

Yes, something of an Odyssey for everybody; at times, an awfully big adventure, at others, Mission Impossible. The original idea (mine that is, not the street theatre company Royal De Luxe, producing the puppet show) was to see the 9ft dog called Xolo and the Little Girl first then catch up with the Uncle. Well, James Street to Renshaw Street may be A-B as a Liverpool seagull flies but you try walking it; everywhere was blocked off: Health & Safety.

From what I did manage to see, the dog was as cute as only a nine foot hound could be, head swivelling for the crowd to pat him, while the demure Little Girl undergoes various costume changes; she seemed to be riding a scooter down Victoria Street, sporting an aviator’s headgear. Past Bold Street, I did get a pretty good view of the Uncle mid leap (or crane hoist) over the Chinese Arch, then hustled round the Blackie, to marvel at this bizarre ship’s figurehead, a Gulliver swarming with swarthy Gallic pirates in red velvet livery.

They came, we saw, they conquered - an amazing carnival atmosphere, and such excitement about it all, such anticipation from children of all ages. Congratulations all round to those involved in this incredible show, and for creating a sensational experience.

-Carole Baldock


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