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Scott Capuro (Queer Up North)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Gay comedians with edgy material are so few and far between that as soon as you find one, you feel the need to shout their name. The likes of Alan Carr may be funny but their non sexual/non threatening material is honed to perfection so that coach parties go home delighted; no offence caused.

Scott Capuro has a great way of working an audience and much of the material in the first part of his act is aimed directly at them. From the young guy on his own in the front row to the older guy and his 17 year old boyfriend to his left. Each of them are in the firing line for some caustic and spot-on wit.

Many of his jokes and observations hit the target, including skits on straight people with kids, gay people in love, Civil Partnerships and how comedy has had to change for fear of causing offence. It is from here, that he becomes provocative and slightly dangerous, leading you to laugh through your hands.

Some of the butt of his jokes seem harmless, but there are times when he just does not where to draw a line. Baby P for example is bought into a rape fantasy joke and although it is designed to offend the average Daily Mail reader, it leaves very few people laughing.

Capuro’s gags are so quick-fire though that he manages to recover from several misjudged elements. When he is at his best, he works with his audience. A game Lesbian at the front for example, is often referred to and she laughs along as much of this material is quite good natured.

But comedy is in a strange place right now. Even though his predatory and thought-provoking humour makes a welcome change from non-threatening, camp, Kylie loving material, Scott needs more warmth to sustain an hour and a quarter.

He is a naturally funny comedian and there is much to laugh at, but his lack of empathy makes it hard to engage with all of of his observations.

-Glenn Meads


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