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Jekyll & Hyde (Tour - Manchester)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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Who could imagine R L Stevenson’s sinister tale of a doctor with a split personality becoming a musical? Yet, re-written by Leslie Bricusse, with appropriate music by Frank Wildhorn, it touches your emotions from beginning to end. The heartbreaking narrative totally suits the genre.

 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde are both played by none other than Marti Pellow, the  lead singer from Wet, Wet, Wet! With his brooding good looks he convinces us of the evil of Mr Hyde aided by tremendous acting ability and clear diction in speech and song. His Dr Jekyll is a pillar of society whose curiosity prompts him to find ways of separating good from evil. He is engaged to a respectable girl, Emma (Sarah Earnshaw), a pillar of society.

Pellow excels in the evil department. The original Mr Hyde is murderous, immoral and a rampant sexual predator but his Dr Hyde is a bit more tame, but nonetheless effective thanks to Pellow's charisma and velvety vocals.

Prostitute Lucy Harris (comparative newcomer, Sabrina Carter) has the temerity to tall for a monster. At first, she dallies with Dr Jekyll before falling in love with his counterpart. She exudes sexuality when singing "Bring on the Men." And she and Earnshaw declare their love for one man in a moving duet, "In his Eyes."  

By the time this fantastic musical finishes, you have two choices; you either join the standing ovation or wipe your teary eyes. I wept.

This is an excellent night out which ticks all the boxes.
- Julia Taylor


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