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Hot Ice: Allure (Blackpool)

This perennial Pleasure Beach favourite still has the power to leave you in a spin say Glenn Meads and Sol White Wood

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Pleasure Beach Arena, Blackpool

Hot Ice: Allure
© Hot Ice

Hot Ice provides audiences with a Summer treat, regardless of the weather outside. You can either attend as a package, added to your pleasure beach wristband or a separate night out. Either way, it's a great show.

I took 11 year old - Sol White Wood, who first saw the show two years prior and he still found much here that was impressive. As did I.

The quality of ice skating, costumes and production values - including excellent lighting and clear crisp sound design belies the £15 ticket price. Sure, there is the ever present cheese factor - including the Eurovision style music constantly providing a soundtrack for the flips, moves and bows. But it fits in perfectly with Blackpool and the vibe of the place.

Producer/Director Amanda Thompson knows what audiences are after. Following the likes of Dancing on Ice - they are used to acrobatics, aerial displays, disco dancing and breath-taking stunts. Here, you get them all but with pink costumes, head-dresses, feathers and jump suits.

As an ensemble piece, each skater is given a chance to make their mark and the energy on display here, leaves you feeling breathless. You will recognise Louise Walden and Owen Edwards, as they are true Brits but each member of the team delivers and then some.

Sol loves the choreography, including the flips and turns. He also really appreciated the audience interaction as each dancer acknowledges audience members sat round the outside of the arena, which really makes you feel part of the action. He singled out Joe Gorecki for his amazing moves on the ice.

Whereas for me the grace and beauty of Lisa Mochizuki, as she glides across the ice left a huge impression on me, as she manages to move you beyond belief. Hot Ice manages to be corny, fun, poignant and ridiculous at the same time. Some of the costumes leave you giggling and the toothy grinning can grate.

But there's no denying that in terms of spectacle, glamour, Vegas style glitz and sheer value for money, this show still leaves you feeling warm inside, but only until 7th September.

- Glenn Meads & Sol White Wood


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